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the one and only sticky

.:. F R I E N D S O N L Y.:.

Welcome to my personal journal where I post personal stuff.

If you are looking for my arts, goodies and screencap, just check my homepage or sweetcase

Otherwise, add me first then comment and maybe I'll add you :)
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Hey kann ich dich adden? Ich bins spiddy von slayerverse...
freut mich^^
cocainecate bzw anna/goodcharlotte mit einem neuen namen.
adden? :]
of cooouuurse!

merry christmas
Addest du mich?
Ich bin KatieSmock vom gg-forum
Würd mich freuen!
ja klar *g*
hatte schon überlegt dich zu fragen, weil ich dich bei irgendwem commenten gesehen habe *gg*
war mir aber nicht sicher wer du bist^^


January 1 2007, 16:54:41 UTC 11 years ago

*lach* Das freut mich!
Und dankeschön!
Sorry, muss mich irgendwie unbemerkt wieder ausgeloggt haben *lol* Die anonyme post war von mir^^ *gg*
kein prob, hatte ich mir schon fast gedacht *lach*
add me? ♥
why not anyway??
adde mich? :)
wer bissu denn? :)


10 years ago


10 years ago

adding ya ! its alright yea? ♥
add me back yaw. *sad lips*
cooouuurse *g*
thought i'd add here too, if you don't mind...
einmal adden, bitte?
dein svz-profil ist mir sympathisch :]
geaddet *gg*
sone ansage hatte ich auch noch nicht^^ aber vielen dank *freuz*
Heyy, I was looking at your profile and saw that we share some interests, so I'm adding ya. Add me back? =]
added you *gg*

I really like your profile and livejournal (-layout) :D


9 years ago

hi. I saw your comment on the friending meme and also like among others Kate Nash, Gavin de Graw and oooof course Grey's Anatomy...



9 years ago

Deleted comment

aw wie cool *gg*
hab dich mal re-geaddet^^
Just a reminder to submit your icon to hp_lims on Friday 20th. If you don't hand in your icon an automatic skip will be used. If you have any questions please feel free to ask. The challenge is here. :)
I'm so sorry I couldn't make it!
Glad you used my skip though :)
Hi, this is the mod from boneslims. Just reminding you that your entry for challenge 01 is due by Wednesday the 20th. Please post your entry as a comment to this post.

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