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hello sweethearts..
here is my first friends cut ever, because.. well, you know, I want to know my flist :)

_hoshi well, you didn't update for 2 years and you never comment on my entrys, I think you just don't use your lj anymore anyway :)
choco_criminale you didn't update for nearly 2 years und you never commented on my entrys..
freakylemon you didn't update for 1 year and I think you're not really around anymore..
icanspeakwahle I actually never got to know you and you didn't update your journal in 2 years..
kakaokani you didn't update for 2 years and I sadly have no idea who you are or where I know you from :(
little_mel you didn't make a real update for nearly 2 years and you never commented
maddinrockz you made your lj because of me, but I don't even know, if you remember it :) you only made one post and that was over a year ago
mrsgreen_mocca old journal :)
princessphie old journal :)
springlay old journal :)
ssandy88 you didn't update for nearly 2 years and I don't think you will again..

If you didn't update for a while or never comment or you think we grew apart and you aren't cut, then it means that I still have an interest in getting to know you better and read your entrys (again)!
But if you want to be cut, just comment :)

well, I am really sorry and if you ever want to be friends again, just leave a comment :)
and congratulations to everyone who survived :P

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02 March 2008 @ 10:32 pm
sweetcase has a new layout!

check it out!

I hope you all like it

28 February 2008 @ 04:58 pm
I just uploaded the second batch of my claim for GG S1
there are now 40 icons - 20 new ones and 20 older ones *g*

[40] Gilmore Girls (ep 01x01-01x08)

random example (of the new icons):

all here at my sweetcase
14 February 2008 @ 04:54 pm
[48] Interest Icons
(including: Amy Brown, Aretha Franklin, Ben Affleck, Buffy the Vampire Slayer, chocolate, coffee, dancing, disco, fun, Harry Potter (the marauders), hating capital letters, Heidi Klum, Heroes, House, internet, kate Walsh, kitten, Lost, Luke/Lorelai, Monty Python, movies, music, Never Mind The Buzzcocks, Pan's Labyrinth, Peace, Radiohead, reading, sex, Sex And The City, Supernatural, writing)

note: they are all shareable, so feel free to snagg if you like ;)

random examples:

see them all here at my sweetcase
28 January 2008 @ 08:48 am

hoffe, du hast einen tollen Tag
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